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  • MamboDiva
    love your curves, party hard!
    Pieces with Star quality, respectfully decorated
    with eye for detail: sequins, rhinestones and beads
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    Pieces that will bring out your DIVA!
    YOUNIQUE: you select your own fabric
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  • Custom Jewelry
    Accentuate your assets!
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  • Have Fun Watching the Video

What is MamboDiva?

MamboDiva designs and sells Danceable Latin inspired Fashion and accessories for women with curves.

MamboDiva consists of 3 Fashion Lines:

Lady: Elegant basics made from nice, flowing materials, attractively priced.

Star: Pieces with Star quality, respectfully decorated with a keen eye for detail. Rhinestones, sequins and other top quality materials. In the MamboDiva Younique category you select your garment and the embellishment of your choice, you design your own Younique Star creation.

Diva: Our line with exclusive, figure flattering designs, that lets you choose your own fabric! Only one item is made per piece of material, so you will be the owner of a Younique MamboDiva piece. Select the model of your choice, than choose from the available fabrics.

MamboDiva's fashion caters to the elegant women size 14 (EUR 40) to 32W (EUR 60).

To complete your MamboDiva picture, we also offer gorgeous, hand made Jewelry by Dutch Artists.
Choose a piece in the colors of your chosen material, ór transform a basic garment in an eye catcher by adding an exclusive Statement Piece.

MamboDiva's exclusive Bags (designed and made at MamboDiva) consist of 2 compartments to fit both your personal belongings and a pair of (dance)shoes. Finally everything separately together in a stylish way.

Through our fashion, MamboDiva adds a spark to your lifestyle, your career, your freedom, your life!
Love your Curves, Party Hard!